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The Lagotto Romagnolo, or Italian Water Dog, is one of the most rare dogs in the country. There are only a few hundred of them in the United States! And here are some adorable puppies waiting for you to take them home. An ancient breed, the Lagotto is literally the mother of all water dogs. Portuguese Water Dogs, Poodles, and even Golden Retrievers can be traced to the Lagotto line. They are so loved and embedded in Italian history that they make appearances in Renaissance paintings.

These are gentle and loving animals with a good tolerance for children. They are easily trainable, extremely smart, and very loving pets. They have soft, curly hair instead of fur, which means they are great to cuddle with and don’t shed like other dogs. Their webbed feet make Lagottos both great swimmers and conversation starters.

Lagottos are small to medium sized with relatively long legs. Healthy and long living, they are robust and strong, with intelligence and curiosity to match. Natural swimmers, they were used to hunt waterfowl, even before the time of the Romans. Now they are commonly used to hunt truffles. Their sense of loyalty is strong and they bond tightly with their families. Their intelligence makes them fun to play games with and they love showing people how smart they are.

Let one of these amazing Lagottos show you how smart they are, what loving and loyal pets they make, and what a great addition to your home they can be.



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Ch  Amore's Camillo

Father of our litters born in July and August. 
He is also a  Truffle Hunter Excellent

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